Colour & Light

WFRP: Winds of Magic, cubicle 7 

Experiments in Film Noir and an exercise in simplification to just shape & light

Experiments in simplification
Experiments in simplification- warm light

Experiments in simplification- Horror

Some initial sketches done for Soulbound: Age of Sigmar Roleplaying game

Little Colour & Light explorations while I studied cultures from around the world, done over 3 years, beginning with the beginning of earth, generally done within an hour or 2
More practice mood lighting explorations the worlds cultures- their costume & environment, some of these I think I spent over 2 hrs on, maybe even 3 hrs

Rus Viking game- personal project, establishing mood to the game, usually done in 20-30 mins each. Also shown exploration of different moods for some scenes. Another image shows a sketch which I added another 30 mins- 1 hour ontop of
Little 15 mins colour and light mood explorations, exploring what moods different colour combinations create

Lighting and Colour options for Scollands Hall commission for English Heritage

Broch of Gurness mood options- done for Historic Environment Scotland 

Broch of Gurness entrance mood options- done for Historic Environment Scotland 

Shamrock House mood options- done for Historic Environment Scotland

3D Model for Moybologue medieval settlement, made in blender, using displacement maps and 3D modelling tools

3D Model of later Richmond castle, provided by English Heritage and below the final painting of earlier Richmond castle with later features in 3D model removed

3D Model of Scollands Hall provided by English Heritage and final painting 

Putton Lane- 3D model provided by Context One archaeology, final painting below
3D model of Barracks and gate house provided by English Heritage
My paint over adding colour, light, texture and figures