Concept Art

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A game Im working on, based in the world of the eastern Vikings, the Rus

Some Colour & mood explorations
Quicker sketches
Some intial colour sketches
Deserted Suburbs

Streets in the Rus Viking town

Town on a jetty. I read that some Viking towns had part of the settlement built on the river itself

Docks, 3 different docks for the town, one for fishing ships, another merchant vessels and then another for military vessels

Exploring possibilities for the newly built Byzantine Eastern Church  in the town

The Walls of the town, Postern and Main gates, the town is a slave trading centre, so the design leaned towards a prison feel
Some options for the design of the main fortress within the town

Overview sketches of the Viking market and its central slave block

Exploring rhythms and spaces of the market
Playing with options for the Shipyard
Exploring the various rhythms and spaces of the streets of the town
The jetty part of the town explorations

Thumbnails for characters in the game

The main character options. I picked the name Odin, for the obvious pagan association and also as it means Fury 

The Wife of the main character. They are both people who live in the frozen wild of Russia

The Rus have recently converted to Christinity, Eastern Christianity, this shows the possibilities for the priest who feels out of sorts in his new environment

Some options for the Varangians or Eastern Vikings you could face
Some options for the Sami allies of the Rus

SERF- A medieval Game

B&W sketches of some of the environments of the medieval game


Pirate Captain Interior

Roman Atrium
Irish Cottage done in pen & ink

JG O'Donoghue
00353 870562704 (internationally) or 0870562704 (in Ireland)