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RUS VIKING GAME- Fighting Game

Fighting & stealth action game based in the frontier eastern Vikings, the Rus. Their kingdom is built on the trading of slaves, but their slave hungry searches have crossed the wrong man. A retired beserker returns to his Viking ways to save his daughter from Rus slavery in their waterlogged prison town. 
Gameplay view of the Rus town streets, constantly in fear of slaves escaping and riots, they made their town into a large prison
A larger more developed view of the Rus slaver city, with the guard patrol you have to get around or go through, with the watchtowers always on the lookout

The first sketches done for the town streets
More sketch development streets of the town
More development of the streets

Viking Rus Church Interior

Rus Viking Cabin Interior 
Props for the Church

SERF- Stealth Game

A rebellious serf escapes the chains of rural serfdom for the freedom town. She becomes a spy in the merchants' spy network, whose purpose is to undermine the power of the nobles and to gain freedom for all classes 

An ideation photobash sketch brought further to a colour & light painting to feel out mood

Some quick black & white ideation sketches for the castle

Exploring the spaces and locations for the Medieval town

Further explorations
Sketch ideas for a watermill location

More development of the streets


A wide eyed second son noble goes to the New World in search of adventure. Here, his ship hits a storm and crashes forcing him to wonder across the Americas and encounter the various cultures of the new world

Travelling the Jungle

A ruined Mayan bridge location

Black & white sketches for the Mayan bridge
Sketches for the walls & entrance of the town's fort 
Options for the forts design

Playing with some possible island shapes
Playing with street rhythms


A pirate captains cabin

Roman Antrium of a grecophile character

JG O'Donoghue
00353 870562704 (internationally) or 0870562704 (in Ireland)