Contact: info@jgodonoghue.com
00353 870562704 (internationally) or 0870562704 (in Ireland)

Bio:JG O’Donoghue is a professional illustrator who currently works as a staff artist & designer for Cubicle 7 Entertainment since Oct, 2018, where he has worked on Tolkiens "The One Ring", Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000  and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.  JG has also spent the last 8 years studying and recreating the archaeology, history, costume and architecture of cultures around the world and has indepth knowledge from his researches. He also spent that time visiting & sketching heritage sites on a regular basis and has even literally spent some time in the trenches, excavating.  He works to create fully realised worlds, whether that is one built on archaeological data & historical evidence or concept art and illustration for games and entertainment.

JG finished his masters in Illustration, at University of Hertfordshire  in 2010, previous to that, his degree was in Digital Design, which has given him a strong basis in traditional and digital art, including 3D and digital painting.  Currently JG uses Cinema 4D and paints with Photoshop but also has experience in Sketchup and Corel painter and during his college years used Zbrush & 3ds max. His clients includes Historic Environment Scotland, English Heritage, TII, Waterford Treasures Museum, as well as county councils and archaeological companies in both Ireland and the UK. He approaches all his work professionally and he thoroughly enjoys the process of working with others to bring their vision to fruition, creating a unique piece that could not be created by either party alone. 

A Selection of Clients & Projects

  • Cubicle 7 Entertainment- Currently employed
  • Historic Scotland- Various commissions
  • English Heritage- Various commissions
  • Tipperary County Council- Interpretations of Clonmel & Londonderry/Derry during the 17th centuries
  • Kent County Council- Interpretative illustration of Iron Age burial at Brisley Farm for signage in Kent 
  • Uisneach Heritage Centre- interpretative illustration of the royal site of Uisneach for visitor centre
  • Roscommon County Council- Illustration of the Iron Age Rathcroghan & Medieval Ballintober Castle
  • Waterford Treasures Museum Medieval Illustrations for information boards
  • Cork County Council- Illustrations for  heritage signs at sites across the county for Cork 
  • 'Archaeology excavations in Moneen Cave' by Dr. Marion Dowd, Archaeopress
  • NRA(National Roads Authority)– Reconstruction of various sites found during construction of the motorways and national roads in Ireland