Archaeological & Historical Illustration

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Viking Trelleborg Fort or Viking Ring Fort

Attack on Indian Castle at Sunset
Queen Arnegunde- a Frankish queen from the Merovingian Period, 
Varangian Guard- Viking bodyguard of the Emperor of Byzantium
Early Medieval Irish Evangelist

Rathcroghan Iron Age Royal Site illustration commission from Roscommon County Council

Tower house & Bawn illustration from late medieval Ireland

Late medieval Tower house Interior

 Garderobes of a tower house
The Great Pyramid of Giza- Illustration of the funeral of Khufu

Anglo Norman Motte & Bailey
Anglo Norman High Medieval Castle Illustration

Ballymacdermot Court Tomb commissioned illustration- a neolithic tomb in northern Ireland
Interior of a Medieval Parish Church based on British & Irish Evidence

A Mesolithic Life- Scenes from the Mesolithic
Morning by the lake- a Mesolithic scene

People of the 1916 Easter Rising-Cumann na mBan Illustration

The base of a tourist Map for Kilmallock town, more was added ontop later by others

Closeup of some of the sites in the map

19th Century Irish Rural Cottage, inside and out

JG O'Donoghue
00353 870562704 (internationally) or 0870562704 (in Ireland)