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Moybologue medieval historic landscape reconstruction, commissioned by Moybologue Historical Society
Óenach Cruachain- aénaige, early medieval assembly at Rathcroghan, commissioned by Rathcroghan visitor centre

Image of Richmond castle
Aerial view of Richmond castle, 11th Century, commissioned English Heritage

Scollands Hall, Richmond castle, commissioned English Heritage
Birdoswald, Roman Fort, Hadrians Wall, comissioned by English Heritage

Birdoswald, flipside of gate, Roman Fort, Hadrians Wall, comissioned by English Heritage

Londonderry Reconstruction done for the Friends of Derry

Reconstructionof Clonmel during the Cromwellian siege, comissioned by Tipperary county council

Medieval Manor, Putton Lane, Dorset commissioned by Context One- archaeological services ltd
Cutaway reconstruction of a medieval parish church
Pierowall 17th century Presbyterian church, Westray, Orkney Islands, 'Commissioned by Historic Environment Scotland'
Broch of Gurness Reconstruction, Orkney; commissioned by HES’

Pict Shamrock House, Broch of Gurness, Orkney; commissioned by HES’

Tower house & Bawn illustration from late medieval Ireland

The Great Pyramid of Giza(2016)- Illustration of the funeral of Khufu

Gainsthorpe Deserted Medieval Settlement, parts in ownership separated from those that arent, commissioned by English Heritage.

JG O'Donoghue
00353 870562704 (internationally) or 0870562704 (in Ireland)