Sceitse- Sketch Adventuring in Ireland


I run a monthly sketch group called “Sceitse”, where we meet once a month to go sketch adventuring in Ireland. This involves grabbing a map and driving or walking around, going wherever the fancy takes us. If your interested, more can be found out here on our blog:

West Cork People Paper Article


My exhibition was mentioned in this months West Cork People, which was very nice of the paper. The exhibition is in its last week this week, from today to Saturday, 2-5 pm daily, so if your in the area make sure to pop in before it goes!

A Sense of Place Exhibition, Clonakilty


Name of Exhibit- A Sense of Place
Dates of exhibit- 1st – 18th of May
Venue- Clonakilty Community Arts Centre, Astna Square, Clonakilty, Cork

Information on the exhibition:

‘A Sense of Place’ is a solo exhibition by emerging Cork artist JG O’Donoghue, exploring the Irish landscape in Ink through the perspectives of language and archaeology. Focusing on placenames and prehistoric monuments and these two ways in which people have viewed, altered and interacted with the landscape. These respresent an attempt to humanise and shape the land of Ireland and in so doing express a sense of place. The making of megalithic monuments marked a turning point in landscape history, this was the time man went from merely inhabiting the land, to altering and adding to it substantially. They were our first permanent structures, so these monuments mark the first enduring connection between man and place, our first known sense of place. Placenames are the most immediate connection between people and place, language being the medium in which we connect our inside self with the world around us, by naming the landscape we make the outside world part of our inside self, marking another sense of place. A sense of place is like other senses it’s hard to define but innate and integral to people’s identity and sense of belonging. The pasts people used the landscape as a medium, the naming of it or marking it with monuments were the ways in which they expressed their sense of place and it is this which this exhibition explores.

FB Event:

Exhibition in the Bishopstown News


My ongoing Exhibition was mentioned in the Bishopstown news again this month, which was very nice of the paper. The exhibition will continue till the end of March and is in the Bishopstown Library, right outside Wilton shopping centre, so plenty of time left for people to see it!

My Weekend Evening Echo Interview

My interview in todays Evening Echo newspaper! The Evening Echo is Corks largiest local newspaper and they were nice enough to do a full page interview with myself about what Im up to this weekend and weekends in general. It can be seen in large for reading here:

Exhibition in the Evening Echo

The Islander Exhibition in Fitzgeralds park which I am taking part in, that started last week and continues till the 26th has been mentioned in todays Evening Echo newspaper! Besides mentioning the exhibition they also showcased one of my illustrations beisde fellow Islander Eleanor Reillys work (You can read it HERE). Also as the article mentions the ‘Meet the Maker’ talk which I along with fellow Islanders, Rob O’Rourke and Michael Nolan, will be on this Sunday the 19th at 3 pm, hopefully see some ye there!

Talk at Éigse Shéamais Uí Mhaolchathaigh

On Saturday the 30th of June 2:00 pm, I will be giving a talk at the Éigse Shéamais Uí Mhaolchathaigh in Newcastle, south Tipperary.  The festival is in honor of Séamus Ó Maolchathaigh, the author of ‘An Gleann agus a raibh ann’, who was born near the village. My talk is entitled ‘Illustrating Irish’, which will be about my Irish language illustrations as well as how Irish has influenced me and my work in general.

Besides myself there will be plenty going on over the weekend at the festival, from talks from the likes of Éanna Ní Lamhna, from the radio program ‘Mooney goes Wild’ and Niall MacCoitir, author of many books about Irish wildlife and fauna, to fiddle making to sean-nós dancing and much, much more. If you click on the following link, you will see see the list of events on that weekend, well worth a visit!

Programme of Events

Irish Examiner Interview

Enlarged version can be found here:

I was interviewed for todays Irish examiner, one of Irelands national newspapers, by Denise Hall, a superb reporter that has been working for many years for the Irish examiner, I would well advise searching the Irish examiners archives to read her work for yourself, it is fantastic.

I would like to thank Denise Hall for doing such a great job making me sound well better than I am :) And also for the people at the Irish examiner for their fitting design and layout, very cool!

Podcast of Radio Interview

If you missed listening to the radio interview live on Sunday the 12th Feb, you have another chance to listen back to the interview where we talked about the irish language, Ogham trees and my illustrations here:

A big thanks again to Cork FM Arts show for having me on their show, was alot of fun doing it. You can catch previous episodes of their show here:

Or listen into their informative weekly show on every Sunday from 7- 8 pm if your in the Cork area.

Cork News Article

My artwork and upcoming exhibition were mentioned today in Cork News. It focused on the Ogham tree art pieces that will be in the exhibition.

A big thank you to Maria Tracey for doing such a great job writing about the exhibition and Ogham and also to Cork News for publishing it in their newspaper. You can find Maria Tracey on Twitter here:

And Cork News on their website here:

The article can also be read on their digitalised version of the newspaper, its on page 93 here: